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Switch Disco Talks Their #1 "React" w Ella Henderson, Sampling Robert Miles

Photo: YouTube/@iamBrianFink

Celebrating Switch Disco's first #1 on the dance charts, Dan & Nikos share how "React" was born w Ella Henderson, how they decided to take on a classic like Robert Miles "Children", and how long the song took to produce.

(Listen to the AD30 Podcast below)

Switch Disco also takes on #FinkysFirsts!

Find out about:

  • the first thing they wanted to be growing up
  • the first time they met
  • how the name 'Switch Disco' came about, and if it was the first name they were going to go with for their artist project
  • the first song they produced
  • the first dance song that made them fall in love w EDM



Switch Disco, Ella Henderson, Robert Miles - "React"

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