Listen To Every Song On Galantis' New Album "Church"

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 2

Today is a big day for Christian & Linus of Galantis!

The Swedish EDM duo has been releasing A LOT of new music lately, and today they dropped their album "Church". (Hear every track below)

Their smash "Faith" with Dolly Parton & Mr. Probz has already hit #1 on the dance charts, and we've been premiering "Never Felt A Love Like This" all day on Evolution/iHeartRadio!!

Check out every track on the new album!

1. Steel


2. Faith (with Dolly Parton, ft Mr. Probz)

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Krewella
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3. Unless It Hurts


4. Never Felt A Love Like This (with Hook N Sling, ft Dotan)

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Armin van Buuren
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5. Holy Water


6. Hurricane (with John Newman)


7. Stella

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Loud Luxury
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8. Bonfire (with Steve James)


9. I Found U (with Passion Pit)

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Cash Cash
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10. F*** Tomorrow Now


11. Miracle (with Bali Bandits)


12. Feel Something (ft flyckt)

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: SHAED
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13. We Can Get High (with Yellow Claw)


14. Bones (ft OneRepublic)


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