Khalid & Disclosure Team Up on New Song "Know Your Worth"

Khalid and Disclosure have teamed up on a new dance floor bop called "Know Your Worth" and it's packed with an important message.

"Know Your Worth" is the second time Khalid and Disclosure have worked together — they released their Grammy-nominated hit "Talk" a year ago and was the lead single from Khalid's 2019 album Free Spirit. In the song, Khalid talks about finding someone who values you in a relationship and sings in the chorus, "You don't know your worth/ All the things I know that you deserve/ Say it's not real if it doesn't hurt/ Find someone you know will put you first/ Find someone who'll love you like you're worth/ Gotta keep, gotta keep, gotta keep your head up."

In a video posted to his Instagram, Khalid said of the new song, "For me, I feel like the best part of creating that song with Disclosure was the fact that I brought one of my best friends along. And I can remember memories where I'm riding in the passenger seat in his car down the highway, and we're screaming the words to 'Help Me Lose My Mind' by Disclosure on repeat while the sun is setting."

Disclosure also tweeted to fans of the track writing, "After all the love you guys gave ‘Talk’ it only felt right to go in for round two!"

Khalid released his Free Spirit album in April 2019 and has since then released several songs in 2020 including "Up All Night" and "Eleven." And aside from "Know Your Worth" and "Talk," Disclosure's production has been featured on a few songs over the last year including Sam Smith's "I Feel Love" and "Blue World" from Mac Miller's posthumously released album Circles.

Listen to Khalid and Disclosure's new song "Know Your Worth" on iHeartRadio.

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