Diplo Shines With New House Tracks 'Hold You Tight' & 'Bubble Up'

We should all know by now that Diplo is as musically versatile as they come, but the chart-topper's newest releases still managed to surprise. On Wednesday (March 27), the hitmaker dropped two new cuts called "Hold You Tight" and "Bubble Up" off a two-track EP titled Higher Ground, which hear the super-producer open his soundscape to the world of house music.

While "Hold You Tight" is a heavenly anthem that uses distorted female vocals to pair with a thumping beat, "Bubble Up" hears the producer conjure up a frenetic tribal rhythm that's heavy on the bass and scarce on the vocals. Both cuts were co-produced by Nitti Gritti and serve as appetizers to eight new records that the producer is planning to release in 2019. Among some of his forthcoming collaborations include house staples like Elderbrook, andhim and Black Coffee. Nonetheless, he admitted that the new EP represents a sonic evolution to his ever-growing catalog. "I'm just learning," he admitted in a recent interview. "I made a lot of club music. I made hip-hop, but I (didn't) make a lot of house in the last like five years. I've been playing so much of it. So, I'm trying to just make something new, make a new event, make a new ceiling."

In the meantime, we can expect more from Diplo when LSD, his supergroup with Labrinth and Sia, drops their full-length album on April 12. The set features 10 tracks, including the previously released "Genius," "Audio," "Thunderclouds," "Mountains" and "No New Friends."

Photo: Getty Images

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