Cheating Husband Gets ‘Apology’ To Wife Tattooed On His Chest

Ok, I don’t know if this is real...but IF it is, it is the most idiotic thing I’ve possibly ever seen. 

This cheating husband posted a pic of his new chest tattoo, which is a big declaration to help get his wife’s trust back. 


First of all, little tip to anyone thinking about getting a tattoo: 

Check your spelling!!!

- Deceiver*

- Disrespectful*


The comments on Facebook were epic:

Brie- “I’d make him do it, then leave him anyway.”

Joey- “Her first mistake: marrying a man who has his own name tattooed over his belly button.”

Laura- “On behalf of all whores, we don’t approve of our being a part of this list.”

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So ladies... would you accept your cheating husband back if he got this chest tattoo?


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