New Music Report: Expert Picks - Week of October 9th

posted by Nicole Mastrogiannis, James Dinh & Isha Thorpe - 


There has been a lot of great new music released over the last few weeks. You can find out what was released this weekend in our New Music Report, but take a look at what we've been listening to lately. Our editors Nicole, James, and Isha have shared some of their Expert Picks for the week. Check it out below.

Nicole's Picks:

Lauv - "Easy Love"

Following his just-released collab with DJ Snake, singer/songwriter Lauv has returned with a new solo single called "Easy Love." It's always great to see different sides of an artist, especially when it's an artist you're just becoming familiar with. Having been introduced to Lauv and his music this year, "Easy Love" shows another layer to the singer/songwriter with this sultry new pop song -- it's easy to love "Easy Love." 

Bipolar Sunshine - "Major Love"

From the voice behind DJ Snake's hit "Middle," Bipolar Sunshine has released a new solo single of his own. "Major Love" serves as the first taste of new music that will appear on his upcoming mixtape, which is expected to be released sometime in 2018. The Manchester-born singer teamed up with producers The Arcade and Scribz Riley for "Major Love," and what I love about this song the most is its laid back vibe; the production isn't in your face ... it's just right. It's definitely play-on-repeat worthy. I guess you might say I have nothing but "Major Love" for this song. 😏

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James' Picks:

Charlie Puth - "How Long"

Charlie Puth is confessing his wrongdoings and apologizing for his cheating ways on his new song, "How Long.” In just three minutes, the pop star makes the startling confession, but still takes the time to share the alternate point of view of his lover. Produced solely by Charlie, and written alongside J-Kash and Justin Franks, "How Long" is a fitting follow-up to "Attention" as the 25-year-old tackles yet another vulnerable narrative from the romance department. "How long has this been going on?/ You been creeping up on me (on me)/ While you calling me baby (baby)," he sings from his female lover's perspective during the hook. "Attention" did wonders for Puth, hitting No. 1 on Top 40 radio as well as landing inside the Top 10 tier on the Billboard Hot 100 and, by the sounds of this, it sounds like "How Long" might just achieve the same. It's the second official single from the star's forthcoming LP, Voicenotes, which is 13 tracks long and due to be released on January 19, 2018.

Alok & Mathieu Koss - "Big Jet Plane"

It doesn’t seem like the party ever stops for Alok after listening to his new song “Big Jet Plane,” which features Mathieu Koss. With slick guitar licks, the three-minute track gently creeps in, offering a very different take to the original performed by Angus and Julia Stone. Even though it’s obviously more energetic, it has a subtle aura that nudges instead of slaps. Sure, the original is only seven years old, but we appreciate the revamp, particularly with the gorgeous piano melody and sweet house influence. 

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Isha's Picks:

Ty Dolla $ign featuring YG - "Ex"

Ty Dolla $ign linked up with fellow Cali recording artist YG to bless us with the latest single off of his upcoming Beach House 3 album called “Ex.” The song has a couple classic 1990s samples of Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” and 112’s “Only You” featuring The Notorious B.I.G. "I just text my main chick/ I told her I ain't coming home/ I just text my main chick/ I told her I ain't coming home, tonight," Ty sings. 

It’s interesting that “Ex” is the name of his new single. In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, he told us that he had a former lover’s name tatted on his chest. But, he covered it up after they split. “I have my ex's name here (points to left chest area) and I covered that up. Don't ever get your girlfriend tatted [on you]," Ty said with a laugh.

dvsn - "P.O.V."

Dvsn did their thing with this one! As soon as the beat drops, real R&B lovers will instantly get ALL the feels. The duo’s new single “P.O.V.” samples one of Maxwell’s classic songs “Fortunate.” Without the track, Daniel Daley sings about changing his partner’s viewpoint. “I want to change your mind,” he sings. “I want to change your mood.” Maxwell gave his seal of approval when he tweeted out the iTunes link for the song with a wink emoji. Dvsn replied to it with, “Thank you for your blessings on this one” with two prayer emojis. 

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